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Stock Available For Bengals Wide Receiver Mohamed Sanu

A company called Fantex is allowing fans to purchase stock in professional athletes. Bengals wide receiver Mohamed Sanu is one on the market.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that the NFL truly does the best job at appealing to its fan base. In a story that blends oddity and brilliance, it appears that fans are able to buy stock in Bengals wide receiver Mohamed Sanu. If you have ten dollars in your pocket, you can literally invest it in No.12 in the orange and black.

Fantex is a company that allows fans to do this and have 164,300 shares of investment for Sanu. Apparently, buying shares in a player like Sanu would give potential earnings to a fan based on contract extensions, endorsement deals, etc. Obviously, those are tied to the athlete's performance on the field.

According to Sports Illustrated, Fantex also has shares available for purchase in 49ers tight end Vernon Davis at ten dollars and Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel at $10.80. Texans running back Arian Foster was originally set to be available through Fantex as their initial athlete, but they scrapped that opportunity because he was injured last year.

Some believe that Sanu could have a solid 2014 campaign and might be a fantasy football sleeper, but this is a completely different area altogether. Obviously, one would have to believe that Sanu gave the rights for Fantex to sell stock in himself and it will be interesting to see if this idea continues to catch on. Will more NFL players go this route?

For extensive information on Fantex and what they are about you go here.

(Editor's Note: This article is not meant to promote or represent Fantex and/or any of its affiliates/partners. This post is informational in nature only and is not intended to persuade readers to purchase anything.)