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Bengals special teams breakdowns, Campbell pick-6 allows Chiefs to take lead

The Bengals built an early 10-0 lead, but that quickly evaporated thanks to a pair of special teams breakdowns.

The first came on the kickoff following the Bengals' first TD, as Chiefs returner Albert Wilson broke a couple of tackles and returned the ball down to the 25-yard line after an Adam Jone personal foul added 15 yards to the return.

The defense held KC to a field goal. After the next Bengals offensive possession stalled, Chiefs punt returner DeAnthony Thomas broke a Dre Kirkpatrick tackle and returned it 80 yards for the score to tie the game.

The ensuing possession saw Jason Campbell throw a pick-6 to Sean smith that he returned 36 yards for the score to give KC a 17-10 lead.