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Andre Smith, Sean Porter and Tyler Eifert miss Saturday camp session

Tyler Eifert and Alex Smith were held out to give them a rest day.

Peter Aiken

The Bengals were back on the field Saturday for their first day of training camp since Thursday's loss to the Chiefs in their preseason opener. While the Bengals were fortunate enough to avoid any serious injuries, there were already several players dealing with bumps, bruises and/or rehab.

On Saturday, linebacker Sean Porter, linebacker JK Schaffer, right tackle Andre Smith, and quarterback AJ McCarron were out. Starting tight ends Tyler Eifert and Alex Smith were also held out to give them a rest day. Both opened Thursday as the starting TEs with Jermaine Gresham out, though he was on the field Saturday. Andre was also getting a rest day, but did miss several days of practice with concussion-like symptoms.

The real news here is with McCarron, who looks likely to open the season on PUP. With that news, Cincinnati decided to sign Tyler Wilson to give the Bengals three healthy QBs along with Matt Scott and Andy Dalton.

It's also notable that Porter is still out after missing most of last year's camp and preseason with a torn pectoral muscle that cost him his entire rookie season. A 4th-round pick from the 2013 NFL Draft out of Texas A&M, Porter hasn't worked in several days with an unknown ailment.

Fair or not, Porter is starting to get the 'injury-prone' label put on him, and is inching closer to the wrong side of the roster bubble if he's not already there. Thankfully ,the Bengals can put him on the practice squad if they do end up waiving him.