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Devon Still: 'Can't Give Football 100 Percent Right Now'

"I can’t give football 100 percent right now," Still said via "In the business aspect they want guys solely focused on football. And that’s understandable."


Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still isn't practicing on Monday, according to reports. Alright. Generally speaking, practice squad players won't receive much attention on injury reports throughout the season. However it's unavoidable that Still and Trevor Robinson, both players on the team's 53-man roster in each of the past two years, will generate some attention.

Before heading out to practice, Still spoke with reporters about returning to Cincinnati's practice squad and how he understands why they made the move that they did.

"I can’t give football 100 percent right now," Still said via "In the business aspect they want guys solely focused on football. And that’s understandable. We’re here to win this city a Super Bowl and right now I’m just not in position where I can give football 100 percent."

Everyone is understanding on this matter.

Still's four year old daughter has stage four cancer and is currently receiving treatment at Children's Hospital -- literally one of the best hospitals in the nation. While continuing to receive medical coverage, Still remains rooted in the area and is able to focus on his daughter while keeping his presence alive in the NFL.

The mothership also points out that Still was "approached" by a team to join their practice squad. Still declined because the distance (it was on the west coast) and his loyalty to the Bengals, who he feels have done him right.

This Friday Lewis is allowing Still to leave to visit her and he’ll return with the team after Sunday’s game in Baltimore.