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Marvin Lewis on Sean Porter: "We've got to give him every opportunity"

Bengals second-year linebacker Sean Porter won't play this weekend with a bum hamstring and may miss a couple of weeks. While he's angry and frustrated to be rehabilitating again, the Bengals continue to have patience.


Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Sean Porter will have to wait... again. After a torn shoulder labrum shut down his rookie season in 2013, a knee injury significantly impacted training camp. Then when he was on the field ready to prove himself, a hamstring brought him down. And he's angry.

"I wanted to really be able to prove to my teammates that I'm a good player, and that I can go out there and help contribute," Porter said via ESPN. "I was a little disappointed I couldn't finish that game. I've just got a run of bad luck. I guess it just happens and at some point it'll even out."

Yet through it all, the Cincinnati Bengals have a superstar-like vision with this kid out of Texas A&M. They will continue to give him chances, even if that means consuming an inactive roster spot for a couple of weeks.

"With Sean, I think the combination of the time he's had in practice, and the vision we had for him from the beginning," Lewis said when asked about why Porter made the squad. "We've got to give him every opportunity. He's had some injuries that are difficult to overcome. It's not due to a lack of anything, it's just part of playing football."