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Bengals Bites (9/12) - Same as it ever was

Jermaine Gresham thinks people see him as the villain. Ray Rice supporters show up last night for the Steelers and Ravens game.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Only Thing Unusual About Ray And Janay Rice Is That Anyone Noticed
Get angry at what Ray Rice did and get angry at what Roger Goodell didn't do, but please don't be surprised by any of it. Not by the hit, not by the blatant attempts to make it look like it was the woman's fault, not by Rice saying he would never do it again, not even by his wife taking him back. From the beginning, the Ray Rice saga has recapitulated everything awful about how domestic violence plays out in America. It has followed the script perfectly.

NFL Preview - Atlanta (1-0) at Cincinnati (1-0) (ET) - Football Wires -
A pair of teams that rallied for Week 1 victories square off this Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium as the Cincinnati Bengals play host to the Atlanta Falcons. The Bengals will enjoy their home opener after beating the Baltimore Ravens 23-16 last weekend. Cincinnati built a 15-point lead in the first half on the strength of five Mike Nugent field goals before Baltimore went ahead by a point with 16 straight in the second half.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Cincinnati Bengals preview - ESPN
Paul Brown Stadium, or "The Jungle" as it's been nicknamed in Cincinnati, has been a place of horrors for opposing offenses in recent seasons. Since December 2012, when the Cincinnati Bengals started a nine-game regular-season home winning streak, only once has an opposing offense scored 30 or more points. One, the New England Patriots' offense, couldn't even score a touchdown.

Player reps voting tomorrow on new drug policy | ProFootballTalk

On Tuesday night, NFLPA leadership didn't have a proposed drug policy deemed sufficient to submit to the player representatives for a vote.  As of Friday, they apparently will.

Cincinnati Bengals tight end Jermaine Gresham sees himself as villain - ESPN

Tyler Eifert is the good, athletic fan favorite among the tight ends on the Cincinnati Bengals' roster. Jermaine Gresham is the other guy. The one everybody loves to hate. The villain. At least, that's the way Gresham sees it.

Cincinnati Bengals renew sponsorship deal with Fifth Third - Dayton Business Journal

Fifth Third Bank will be the official bank of the Cincinnati Bengals for another five years. On Thursday, the bank renewed a five-year deal to sponsor the team and will remain the annual presenting sponsor of Bengals Training Camp.

Ray Rice supporters still evident at Ravens game | ProFootballTalk

The Ravens offered a trade-in program for Ray Rice jerseys, a good call after he was released from the team and suspended indefinitely by the NFL for punching his wife in the face. But some Ravens fans — including several women — were still proudly wearing his jersey last night.