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Report: Josh Gordon getting 10-game suspension from NFL

After failing another drug test, Josh Gordon is set to miss the entire 2014 season, but that could change with the new NFL Drug Policy.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports


It looks like Browns receiver Josh Gordon will have his suspension changed by the NFL to miss only 10 games, not the full season as originally planned.

It was reported earlier that Gordon was facing an eight-game suspension. It's possible that Gordon's pending DWI case has something to do with two games getting added on, though Mark Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer says two more games could get tacked on for said DWI.


If the NFL and NFLPA approve the new drug policy, Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon could have his season-long suspension overturned. The vote will possibly take place on Friday, according to NFLPA spokesman George Atallah, and players suspended in the new league year could have their bans revised or rescinded.

According to Adam Schefter, Gordon is facing an 8-game suspension:

Mary Kay Cabot of also reports that Gordon is expected to be suspended eight games, and his ongoing DWI case could be taken care of as well.

Gordon will be reinstated once the NFL's new drug policy passes -- as early as Friday afternoon -- but likely only for eight games, and it will ruffle some feathers, multiple league sources tell

One league source said Gordon will likely be reinstated for about half the season because his positive test occurred in 2013, as early as January, the source said.

Because Gordon tested positive in the 2013 league year, the NFL and NFL Players Association have negotiated a settlement that would enable him to get back on the field at the end of October or early November.

If Gordon also has a DWI hearing in November, and if convicted, would be suspended for two games for that. But a source said that Gordon could try to resolve the DWI early and serve it concurrently.

After failing another drug test, Gordon is set to miss the entire 2014 NFL season. Despite being suspended in 2013 for two games for his first violation of the NFL's Substance Abuse Policy, Gordon led the NFL with 1,646 receiving yards and became the first player in NFL history with consecutive 200-yard receiving games.