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Bengals upgrading Wi-Fi and Cell Phone Service at Paul Brown Stadium

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Bengals fans no longer have to worry about cell phones dying while attending games this season. The team and PlusBlue Solutions have partnered to ensure that any fan in Paul Brown Stadium will have access to a charging device if needed.

PlusBlue will be providing two different services, located in four easy-to-access stands throughout the stadium.

"Keeping fans connected and powered-up is an important part of the today's game day experience," said Michael Bagby of PlusBlue. "Our service is very practical and does not detract from fans enjoying a great product on the field. They can now charge in their pocket or purse while also cheering loudly, helping create a distinct home-field advantage."

The first option is cutting-edge portable chargers that are available for rent using credit or debit cards. The second allows fans to use cash to leave phones at a charging valet, safeguarded by PlusBlue employees for as long as desired. Charging stations will be located on Sideline West, Sideline East, Canopy West section 313, and Canopy East section 343.

The portable chargers can charge any electronic device more quickly than a standard outlet. Bengals fans will never again miss any action due to being tethered to an outlet during the game. Fans also will have availability to check fantasy football or upload lasting memories to social media.

This news comes following the announcement this week of through a partnership with Extreme Networks, along with WiFi solutions and technology provider PCM Inc., to bring a high-density Wi-Fi network to PBS that can be accessed by fans in all areas of the stadium—including the seating bowl, concourse and club levels.

"Our fans are of the utmost importance to our organization, and as technology continues to provide new possibilities, it was crucial that we identify a way to provide fans a differentiated in-person game day experience," said Michael Kayes, Bengals director of technology. "The partnership with Extreme Networks provides the foundation to do just that."

Fans will also have the option to tweet at the Bengals WiFi management team during the game—to bring awareness to any WiFi issues. Engaging fans through Twitter will allow for instant feedback and quick pinpointing of any assistance that can be provided.

Using a cell phone, fans can tweet their seat location and WiFi feedback to @PCMwhodey and use the hashtag #pbswifi to notify a Wi-Fi Coach Captain.

"Connecting is as simple as enabling WiFi from your device's Settings menu and selecting the network," said Kayes, "and fans requiring assistance in getting connected can speak with one of 12 'WiFi Coaches' who will be available at no charge. The 'Coach Program' is one of many methods we'll be using to engage and educate fans on WiFi usage. The coaches will be present at stadium entrances when gates open and will continue assisting fans until halftime."