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Roddy White upset with Bengals for getting speared in head (video)

Roddy White got a 15-yard personal foul penalty for shoving Bengals safety Reggie Nelson. He look at the play in question that caused him to retaliate in that manner.

Joe Robbins

The Bengals handled the Falcons with little resistance on Sunday, but while Atlanta did little to fight back on the scoreboard, Roddy White got a 15-yard personal foul penalty  for shoving Bengals safety Reggie Nelson.

"He speared me," White said in the locker room. "He speared me in the head. And the referee didn't say anything. But I've got to keep my composure, especially during the game. I can't get penalties when we're trying to go down there and score. I learned from it."

Here is the play that is in question:

Personally, I thought it could have gone either way on Nelson. Because he was playing the ball, he had every right to go as low as he did to make a ply on it. Also, if you slow it down, it was actually more shoulder on shoulder than head to head contact.


No harm, no foul, and it's not like White didn't deserve a good hit or two anyhow. I hope he lost in fantasy football this week too.