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Turning Point: Bengals vs Falcons

We take a look at the turning point in the Bengals Week 2 matchup with the Falcons.

Andy Lyons

Every game has a point where it swings, where one team takes control and one team loses control. It can be a play, a call or a series of events, but it always happens. We take a look at that turning point in the Bengals Week 2 matchup with the Falcons.

Thanks to Mike Nugent and some poor redzone play calling, the Bengals found themselves up just seven points early in the third quarter and allowed a dangerous Atlanta offense to stay within striking distance, despite dominating the first 30+ minutes. On 2nd and 7, from the Cincinnati 23, the Falcons dialed up a blitz.

The Falcons read the scouting report and they knew how Dalton has struggled against pressure, but the blitz didn't quite hit home. Dalton saw the blitz and threw a perfectly placed pass, hitting Mohamed Sanu in stride on a hot route; Sanu did the rest.

77 yards later, Sanu was celebrating with 65,000 of his closest friends and the scoreboard began reflecting what had actually been occurring on the field all day - the Bengals' domination.

After that play, the Falcons never were in the game. The Bengals would expand the lead to 21 (24-3) before the Falcons scored a fairly meaningless late touchdown.