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Over $500,000 raised by Devon Still and the Bengals

Through multiple fund-raiser efforts and organizations, Devon Still, the Bengals and Cincy Shirts has raised over $500,000 for pediatric cancer.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

People are stepping up... there's no other way to express it.

Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still, who has a four-year old daughter who's fighting cancer, tweeted Tuesday that over $500,000 has been raised for pediatric cancer.

You can purchase Still jerseys from the Bengals pro shop and all proceeds go to pediatric cancer research at Children's Hospital in Cincinnati.

The Pldgit campaign is a donation for every quarterback sack generated by the Cincinnati Bengals. There is $428.38 pledged per sack, with an estimated $35,000 raised for a $100,00 campaign goal.

Cincy Shirts is selling tee-shirts labeled "Still Strong" and for each shirt sold, $15 is going toward a Devon Still fund.