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Cincinnati Bengals Caption Contest Week 2

Caption this picture! This will also serve as the Friday Open Thread.

Caption this photo!
Caption this photo!
Andy Lyons

From now until the end of the season (and hopefully multiple times in the postseason) I want to host a caption contest for a photo from each week's game. Please put your submissions in the comments section; you can write based on anything present in the photo and make it as funny as you want, but please stay within reasonable boundaries.

I have no problem with multiple submissions from the same person - the more funny posts, the merrier! You don't have to limit yourself to one sentence - feel free to write multiple sentences, especially if you're doing a conversation, or even if you're simply describing the photo. You can also Photoshop the picture and upload it.

This week's contest is a photo from the Week 2 game vs. the Falcons. The winning submission will be the post with the most rec's, though I will also note the close runners-up.

During the bye week (next week), I plan to post a photo from the Ravens game for our Friday Open Thread in order to catch up. In that post, I'll mention the Week 2 winners. The following week on the Friday before the Week 4 Patriots game, I plan to post a photo from the Titans game for the Week 3 contest so that we will be fully caught up.