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Wallace Gilberry says Mohamed Sanu is better QB than Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick

Mohamed Sanu may be a WR, but his teammate thinks he'd a better QB than Geno Smith of the New York Jets.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Bengals defensive Wallace Gilberry joined Jay Mohr Monday on Jay Mohr Sports, and they asked if Cincinnati was indeed the best team in the NFL after their 3-0.

Gilberry's response was exactly what you want to hear from a veteran leader on a team that is starting to get more attention than they're used to.

"We're the hardest working team in football. We haven't played our best yet. The Seahawks and Broncos are still pretty good. We don't take any days off around here and on Sunday it shows."

The most controversial statement Gilberry made in the interview wasn't about how good the Bengals are though. He ended up taking a subtle jab at Texans QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jets QB Geno Smith.

Mohr: "Your WR Mohamed Sanu is now 4 of 4  throwing in his career as a quarterback. Is he the 2nd best QB on the team?"
Gilberry: "That's my guy....I'll put him up there with any starting quarterback in the league, aside from the top-tier guys. He's got a lot of talent, not just as a receiver."
Mohr: "I just want to make sure you said out loud on national radio that you would put Sanu up there with any quarterback in the league?"
Gilberry: He's not up there with the top-tier quarterbacks....There are a select few up there for a reason. But the rest of the guys under that top-tier....he's better than them."
Mohr: "Is he better than Ryan Fitzpatrick?"
Gilberry: "He's better than him."
Mohr: "Is he better than Geno Smith?"
Gilberry: "He's better than him."

I'll say this: If you take the four best passes each player has thrown in their careers and judge them on just that, Sanu may actually be the best of the three.

Sanu's Week 2 dime to Brandon Tate will probably end up being one of the 10-to-15 best passes thrown this year.