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NFL Power Rankings Week 3: Who Dey Tops the List

My stab at ranking the 32 teams in the NFL after Week 3.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

This one was pretty easy. In my mind (that probably swirls with an orange and black haze) the Bengals are the best team in the NFL. They have allowed a league low 33 points, they have dominated in their wins and have been behind for less than a minute this entire season. So the Bengals take the top spot, look below for the rest of my rankings.

NFL Team Wins Losses Ties Rank Previous Rank
Cincinnati Bengals 3 0 0 1 2 The Bengals first three wins show they are the best three win team in the league. They hold a +47 point differential and only have trailed for 48 seconds the entire season.
Seattle Seahawks 2 1 0 2 3 A quality win at home, too bad they don't travel well.
Philadelphia Eagles 3 0 0 3 5 The Eagles offense takes a little time to get going, but then they explode in the second half.
Denver Broncos 2 1 0 4 1 Denver has not beat a team with a winning record and stumbled against Kansas City. This is a good team that is missing the explosiveness from the offense.
Arizona Cardinals 3 0 0 5 6 Could a division with the defending champs and the 49ers run through Arizona?
Atlanta Falcons 2 1 0 6 11 When your only loss is to the best team in the league and you win your other games with a huge offensive performance, you stay high in the rankings.
San Diego Chargers 2 1 0 7 14 After the bad opener, this team looks like it has built off of last years playoff team.
Baltimore Ravens 2 1 0 8 8 Another team who's only loss is to a top team, the loss of Dennis Pitta could hurt this offense.
Carolina Panthers 2 1 0 9 4 So much for the stout defense. Pittsburgh had two running backs top 100 yds.
New England Patriots 2 1 0 10 13 Brady was hit 15 times against the Raiders. Think he is looking forward to a rested Bengals defense?
Buffalo Bills 2 1 0 11 10 Was this an off week for the Bills or is this as true reflection of this team?
Pittsburgh Steelers 2 1 0 12 24 The Steelers put together a classic Steelers win. Rely on defense and a strong running game.
San Francisco 49ers 1 2 0 13 7 Is the Colin Kaepernick / Andy Dalton debate still happening?
Detroit Lions 2 1 0 14 19 This Defense gives up very few yds, the offense needs to be more consistent.
Houston Texans 2 1 0 15 9 Losing to the Giants is bad, throwing three interceptions can make the team lose confidence in Ryan Fitzpatrick.
Chicago Bears 2 1 0 16 18 Nice win on Monday night, but the injuries are piling up for Chicago.
Green Bay Packers 1 2 0 17 12 The NFC north looks to be a dog fight and the Packers are no longer the biggest dog in the ring.
New Orleans Saints 1 2 0 18 17 Can a win against the Vikings get this team back on track?
Indianapolis Colts 1 2 0 19 20 The Colts started with two of the top teams, a game against Jacksonville was welcome to upright their season.
Miami Dolphins 1 2 0 20 21 After such a promising week one, this team has fallen apart and now have questions at the QB position.
Tennessee Titans 1 2 0 21 16 Ryan Succop caught a case of the Mike Nugents as Cincinnati just steamrolled an overmatched Titans team.
Dallas Cowboys 2 1 0 22 29 How can you be down 21 points to the Rams? Sure, they came back but this is not a great football team.
New York Jets 1 2 0 23 22 Is the Geno Smith experiment almost over? The Jets have no one they can rely on to play quarterback.
Kansas City Chiefs 1 2 0 24 27 Winning without Jamaal Charles as Knile Davis pick up where the outstanding running back left off.
Washington Redskins 1 2 0 25 25 427 yds and three touchdowns may be the kinds of numbers that end RGIII in Washington.
Minnesota Vikings 1 2 0 26 23 Teddy Bridgewater takes the reigns and roars out of the gate for six points...
New York Giants 1 2 0 27 31 Rashad Jennings was not going to let this offense fail. Huge effort from him.
St. Louis Rams 1 2 0 28 26 This team is trying to just survive the season. Looked good going up 21 against Dallas, but not enough to hold on.
Cleveland Browns 1 2 0 29 15 The trick play to Johnny Manziel was just sad. The Browns make good ideas look bad.
Oakland Raiders 0 3 0 30 30 Took the Patriots to the wire. That doesn't say much for the Patriots.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0 3 0 31 28 There are still visions of the Falcons scoring as the Tampa Bay players sleep.
Jacksonville Jaguars 0 3 0 32 32 They were down 30-0 at the half before they showed any signs of life.