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Tecmo Bowl Futures - Giants Vs. Redskins

You can go anywhere on the web and find what the experts think the outcome of any game will be. I have my own expert. She was born in 1991 and has had my heart ever since. Her name, Tecmo Super Bowl.

Thursday night football continues this evening with an NFC East matchup between the New York Football Giants and the Washington Redskins. While neither team is hovering around the top of any power rankings, this is an important step into claiming the NFC East title this season. So let's turn to Tecmo Super Bowl to get a glimpse into what we could expect to see tonight.


The Redskins start with the ball and feed running back Alfred Morris. He breaks off a huge gain and sets Washington up in Giants territory. A mistake by Kirk Cousins turns the ball over in the end zone.

2_medium 3_medium

Eli Manning quickly finds Victor Cruz all alone to flip the field and get the Giants into the endzone for the first touchdown of the night.

4_medium 5_medium


The Giants defense attempts to shut down the Redskins offense with a sack by Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.


At the end of the first quarter the Giants are on top 7 - 0.


Washington's offense stalls and they are forced to punt.

9_medium 10_medium

Wide receiver Preston Parker comes up with a big catch on a well thrown ball from Eli Manning and the Giants are threatening again. The Redskins D holds and the Giants attempt a field goal on 4th and 2.

11_medium 12_medium

The kick is good.


On the next drive, the Redskins are able to answer on another great run by Morris.

14_medium 15_medium

At the half, the Giants still lead by a score of 10 to 7.


The Giants start with the football in the 3rd quarter. A great run from Rashad Jennings gets the Giants to the 5yd line. Eli Manning makes a bad decision and the Redskins intercept in the endzone.

17_medium 18_medium

The Redskins attempt to take the lead on another string drive from Alfred Morris. Then Cousins makes a bad decision himself and tosses an interception in his end zone.

19_medium 20_medium

The Giants tight end Larry Donnell catches a ball and is all alone streaking down the field. Touchdown Giants.

21_medium 22_medium

At the end of the third, the Giants have extended the lead 17 - 7.


The Redskins need to answer to start the 4th and they go back to the well with Morris.

24_medium 25_medium

Instead of attempting an onside kick, the Redskins kick it deep and hope to get a stop from their defense. The Giants however are having no problems getting first downs.

26_medium 27_medium

Then Eli decides to step on the throat of the Redskins and tosses a pass to Victor Cruz to put the game out of reach.

28_medium 29_medium


The Giants pull out the win.

31_medium 32_medium