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Friday Open Thread: Bengals Caption/Photoshop Contest #2

Caption and/or Photoshop this picture! This will also serve as the Friday Open Thread for the bye week.

Caption this picture!
Caption this picture!

Please put your submissions in the comments section; you can write based on anything present in the photo and make it as funny as you want, but please stay within reasonable boundaries. I have no problem with multiple submissions from the same person - the more funny posts, the merrier!

You don't have to limit yourself to one sentence - feel free to write multiple sentences, whether you're doing a conversation or simply describing the picture. Also, you can Photoshop the picture and upload it, as last week's winner did.



Here are the winners from the Week 2 Falcons contest (original photo above), every "greened" post:

Winner: ieatwaffleswithsyrup

"...and I was like, I'll take this one."


Second place: PW

"No seriously, I really did eat a stack of pancakes this high for breakfast."

Third place: sean.white.5283


Fourth place (tie): ephram

"May God bless you, my son. In the name of the Father...."

Fourth place (tie): trolls

44? That's me! Get some cold cuts, get some cold cuts, get some cold cuts

Next week before the Patriots game, the contest for the Week 3 Titans game will be held.