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Bengals Bites (9/27) - Red Zone Woes

The Bengals should look more to the tight end in the red zone. Also, the Bengals defense is the number one scoring defense in the league.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Gresham a solution to red-zone issues? - Cincinnati Bengals Blog - ESPN
As we hinted on Wednesday, we wanted to take one more look this week at a possible solution for the Cincinnati Bengals' early red-zone issues. Truthfully, on the surface, there are relatively few issues for this Bengals team that has three of the most convincing wins of any team in the league through the start of this new year. But if there are any problems that do exist on offense, continuing to execute in the red zone is right at the top of that list.

Cincinnati Bengals lead league in scoring defense - ESPN

As Week 4 begins with the Cincinnati Bengals off, the team still sits atop the rankings in one of the NFL's most important statistical categories. They lead the league in scoring defense.

NFL insists it has no evidence it received Ray Rice tape | ProFootballTalk

It appears it's going to take Robert Mueller, or either the NFLPA's investigation, to get to the bottom of this one. Because even with the Associated Press doubling down on previous reports that the video of Ray Rice punching his wife in the face was delivered to the league offices, the league in...

CINCINNATI: Bengals solid at bye week, could emerge better | NFL Football | Columbus Ledger Enquirer

The previous time the Bengals opened a season 3-0 was 2006. They were a young team coming off a first-round playoff loss. They got off to a very impressive start, determined to go deeper into the postseason this time around.

Cincinnati Bengals player Devon Still gives pep talk to daughter with cancer - CBS News

In the NFL, a pep talk is meant to inspire victory on the field, but for Cincinnati Bengals player Devon Still, there's much more at stake. Still is using his words to motivate his 4-year-old daughter. As CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports, he is counting on their combined strength as they plan to tackle a life-and-death opponent.