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Top Plays of 2014, No. 2: A.J. Green juggles win

Since the Cincinnati Bengals have a bye week, we're presented with a little inaction and not much midseason material to review. We've revealed 3-5. Now let's get to the final two plays of the 2014 season, through week 3.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

We head back to the regular season opener when the Cincinnati Bengals, dangerously facing a collapse after securing a 15-point lead, the Bengals were faced with their only deficit of the season. While Joe Flacco was evading a pass rush with keen eyes kept downfield, wide receiver Steve Smith escaped Adam Jones' coverage. Flacco hit Smith, though a bit off-stride, but Jones wasn't cable to neutralize the "you got throw'd down" move into the end zone.

Baltimore took a 16-15 lead with 5:46 remaining in the game.

Following a three-yard run by Giovani Bernard, the Bengals had second down from their own 23-yard line with 5:10 remaining. Andy Dalton chucked it deep to A.J. Green... who did this:



Cincinnati took a 23-16 lead -- with the help of a ridiculously awesome two-point conversion from Mohamed Sanu. And for those 48 seconds between Smith's touchdown and Green's response? Those 48 seconds have been the only time that Cincinnati has played with a deficit so far THIS YEAR.