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Top Plays of 2014, No. 1: Andy Dalton touchdown reception

Since the Cincinnati Bengals have a bye week, we're presented with a little inaction and not much midseason material to review. We've revealed the first four, and now it's time for best play of the year. It's kind of a no-doubter.

Joe Robbins

There's really no setup or explanation needed at this point.

The Cincinnati Bengals had a 3-0 lead with six seconds remaining in the first quarter. Andy Dalton took the shotgun snap from the Titans 18-yard line and pitched to Mohamed Sanu, who was flanking Dalton's right (plus a yard behind him) at running back. Suddenly Sanu slowed up and white-knuckled the football.

Dalton, on the other hand, snuck around the backside for the pass. Sanu... perhaps against his better judgement, threw the pass and Dalton caught it.



It's the type of play that defines a season. It surely defined Cincinnati's blowout win against the Titans, with celebrations from players, coaches and fans. It wasn't just any celebration either... it felt like a celebration that belief conquered pessimism... and that's saying a lot in Cincinnati.

It should have been intercepted... it wasn't. Dalton should have been blown up... he wasn't. Instead, Cincinnati took a 10-0 lead and eventually claimed a 33-7 victory heading into their week four bye.