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NFL Coach’s Challenge May Include Personal Fouls In 2015

Two national media outlets report that the NFL could eventually make personal fouls a reviewable play.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL doesn't want games decided by bad calls, and they're working on a method that could help lessen those outcomes. According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the league is considering adding the ability for coaches to challenge personal foul penalties during games.

Per a league source, momentum is building for allowing coaches to challenge personal fouls.

The thinking is that personal fouls would become reviewable only via the coach’s challenge, and not automatically.

The potential expansion would come in the offseason, most likely at the annual meetings in March or during the May ownership meetings.

Florio also reports that the NFL could eventually allow coaches to challenge all plays, and some teams are already pushing for it.

Both New England and Washington have been lobbying aggressively for coaches to have the ability to challenge more rulings via the red flag that gets thrown onto the field.  At some point, coaches perhaps would indeed have the ability to challenge anything and everything, with maybe another challenge or two to be used per game.

Don’t be surprised if, as an initial step, the coaches have the ability to challenge personal fouls.  Eventually, that could expand to other types of currently non-reviewable calls.

Leave it to New England to want more help from camera recordings.'s Ian Rapoport is reporting that the votes should be there next March when the NFL Competition Committee meets to discuss rules changes. Rapoport also said the potential rule change would take effect in the 2015 NFL season, but it could be limited to personal foul's on wide receivers at first.