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Bengals offer two-pack ticket flex plan

The Cincinnati Bengals are offering a two-game ticket flex plan that combines the games most likely to sellout and home games that are struggling to sell. All we need now is popcorn.

Let's face it.

The Cincinnati Bengals, for whatever reason, are not a draw in Cincinnati. Oh, we have legions of fans in every state in the Union, as well as many countries worldwide. Legions. When it comes to Paul Brown Stadium... Many of us just don't go. Call it whatever you want. Money. Prices. Comfort. Experience. It is what it is. We're not going to hold a scientific study or provide a survey to find out why. Everyone has likely had enough on the subject.

Yet, it seems as if every home game that passes has the same dramatic ticket sales storyline dominating the headlines. Maybe we play into that a little bit... Especially with the 85 percent threshold rule. We're not aggregator machines, are we? Maybe some of us are. Who knows.

It is telling when the Bengals offer a new flex ticket option just how badly ticket sales are going for home games this year. The team announced on Monday a new two-ticket flex pack that allows fans to buy tickets against the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Denver Broncos, and then choose a second game of their choice.

Buy the Steelers game (Dec. 7) and then choose any other home game, except for the Monday Night game with the Denver Broncos. Or choose the Broncos game and any other home game, except for the Steelers game.