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Throw it against the wall and hope it sticks

Every so often, there's a thought that escapes someone's mind and finds itself on social media. Today, one of those thoughts is the viability of Hue Jackson, a potential candidate as a head coach.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Hue Jackson connections to Michigan?


Jackson, a former NFL head coach with the Oakland Raiders, is spending his third season in Cincinnati repairing his overall coaching record. Marvin Lewis, when no one else was taking a look at him, brought him back to Cincinnati as an assistant defensive backs coach. When running backs coach Jim Anderson retired, Lewis replaced him with Jackson. When Jay Gruden left for Washington, Lewis slid him over as the team's offensive coordinator.

Things have gone swimmingly.

Eventually, Jackson, who has been mentioned as a possible college coaching candidate at California, will leave for another head coaching gig. That's what happens when you string together three consecutive postseason appearances.

But Jackson to Michigan?

C'mon, man.