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Bengals with improving odds of winning the Super Bowl

We take a minute out of our day to check Vegas' impression of the Bengals and other oddities.

Jonathan Ferrey

The Cincinnati Bengals have 12/1 odds to winning the Super Bowl, according to -- only the Seattle Seahawks (4/1) and Denver Broncos (5/1) have better odds at this stage. Bovada gives the Bengals 9/2 odds of winning the AFC Conference game and 10/1 odds of winning the Super Bowl, an improvement of 16/1 odds in week two. The Bengals have 1/2 odds of winning the AFC North crown.

Winning the AFC North:
Bengals: 1/2
Ravens: 15/4
Steelers: 15/4
Browns: 20/1

In other betting news:

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton has 22/1 odds of winning the league MVP. Peyton Manning (8/1), Andrew Luck (13/1), J.J. Watt (15/1) and DeMarco Murray (15/1) hold better odds, as does Russell Wilson (20/1). But hey... Dalton. MVP. Who would have thought? also gives the Bengals 175/1 odds on going 16-0 this year.