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Antonio Brown channels inner Karate Kid vs. Browns punter (GIF)

Steelers receiver Antonio Brown put a nice lick/kick on Browns punter Spencer Lanning.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Week 1 of the NFL season always provides many memorable plays, and thus will certainly go down as one of them. It may also draw a fine and/or suspension, depending how the league office interprets this leaping kick Steelers receiver Antonio Brown put on Browns punter Spencer Lanning.


Lanning was thankfully ok after the play. It could have ended badly, as one of the spikes on Browns' cleats could have went right into Lanning's face, potentially an eye.

Everyone is ok, and we can laugh at how ridiculous this was, though Brown could face a fine from the NFL if they interpret that move as Brown "kicking" Lanning.

It's also possible, though highly unlikely that Brown could be suspended. The NFL would need to act quickly on whatever they decide, as Pittsburgh will be back in action Thursday in Baltimore against the Ravens.

As of the Browns, they're getting their butts kicked, and this is just symbolic of it.