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Close-up of AJ Green breaking Darian Stewart's ankles (GIF)

Darian Stewart learned the hard way that AJ Green is more than just "one guy."

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Darian Stewart signed with Baltimore this offseason to take over their free safety spot, and it didn't take him long to fit in with the always-talking Ravens.

He apparently doesn't consider A.J. Green, one of the NFL's most explosive playmakers, to be a real challenge for Baltimore's defense.

I don't consider it a challenge. He's just one guy...We have to make plays when it comes to us and just be aware of where he's going to be at all times.

Well, Stewart learned the hard way that Green is more than just "one guy," who made two guys look foolish on Sunday to win the game late in the fourth quarter.

Stewart was thankfully ok after the game, because Green absolutely shattered his ankles on that play. Green led the Bengals with 131 receiving yards in the game, much of which came on a game-winning 77-yard score. He led the team with six receptions on nine targets overall, while averaging 21.8 yards per catch.