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Week 1 NFL Power Rankings

My stab at ranking the 32 teams in the NFL after Week 1.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Power rankings sound like an easy thing to do. Take all of the teams, put them in order of how good you think they are and post it. Then you start and you realize you are comparing a bunch of teams you have very little tape on. So here goes my stab at some Power Rankings.

I would be shocked to see any rankings on the web not having a consensus on the top team this week. Seattle looks like the team to beat, as their opening night dismantling of the Packers was a total domination. After that, it's all based on if I think one team could beat another on a neutral field.

NFL Team Rank Previous Rank
Seattle Seahawks 1 Hands down the most dominate performance of the weekend. Total defeat of the Packers and look to be the best team in the NFL still.
San Francisco 49ers 2 Brought a good team and a ton of fans to Dallas and beat them at home.
Denver Broncos 3 In the first half, Peyton Manning and the Broncos looked to embarrass the Colts. Then they cruised to a victory.
Cincinnati Bengals 4 A monkey off the back game that counts as double. A division win on the road in the NFL is always awesome.
Atlanta Falcons 5 A big win to knock off the Saints. Matt Ryan and team wanted to be tougher this season and they looked tough in week 1.
Detroit Lions 6 Matt Stafford looked really good as the Lions just destroyed the Giants.
Philadelphia Eagles 7 A slow start that had everyone shocked the Jaguars were hanging in there. Then the offense came to life and the game ended up being a route.
Miami Dolphins 8 Good offensive line and an angry Knowshon Moreno allowed the Dolphins to shock the Patriots.
Minnesota Vikings 9 Good first win for Mike Zimmer. The Vikings put together a good game in week 1.
New Orleans Saints 10 How can you feel good about a defense that gave up almost 600 yds?
Green Bay Packers 11 The offensive line looked horrible as Seattle was in the backfield more than the Green bay running backs.
New England Patriots 12 Is it finally time to admit this team is on the backside of a good run?
Baltimore Ravens 13 Can Ravens fans really be happy with Mr. Elite? Joe Flacco made one of the worst decisions ever to end the first half.
Houston Texans 14 J.J. Watt with his pockets full of cash is still a beast and will disrupt every offense the Texans play.
Buffalo Bills 15 Fred Jackson is still in the league and still getting it done. Could the Bills put together a nice season? The division looks open right now.
Pittsburgh Steelers 16 Saved by a fake punt. Against Cleveland. At home. Yeah, good on ya Steelers, can you really feel good about this team right now?
Indianapolis Colts 17 If the Broncos don't take their foot off the gas, this game was going to get ugly.
Cleveland Browns 18 A lot of people pulling for the mess that is the Cleveland Browns to beat the Steelers. Just couldn't finish.
Arizona Cardinals 19 Sure, it was a win. How does Fitzgerald not touch the ball the majority of the game? There is some work to do in Arizona.
Carolina Panthers 20 Good thing Carolina's defense still plays at a high level. They held the Buccaneers in check for the win.
Tennessee Titans 21 If the quarterback play continues, this team will have a shot this season.
New York Jets 22 This game was too close. The Jets tried to give it away on multiple occasions. A strong running game is going to help their quarterback issues.
Chicago Bears 23 Losing at home to the Bills was bad. This offense has to find a playmaker.
San Diego Chargers 24 Looked like San Diego had it in the bag, but gave up a double digit lead in the 4th.
Dallas Cowboys 25 Tony Romo is an interception machine. This defense was bad last season and lost its 3 best players. Long season in Dallas.
Kansas City Chiefs 26 The Chiefs ended last season on a brutal streak of injuries. Losing Derrick Johnson shows that streak continues.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27 Not impressed with this team. Turnovers will doom any team.
Jacksonville Jaguars 28 If only the games were 2 quarters. Bright side, Allen Hurns looks like a great addition.
New York Giants 29 Eli Manning is a tough quarterback with no help. I wonder if he tossed some of those interceptions just so he could get off the field.
Oakland Raiders 30 Derek Carr could stick, but Oakland is a bad bad team.
Washington Redskins 31 The Jay Gruden era starts with a thud. Why does RGIII not run with the ball? Brilliant!
St. Louis Rams 32 Never a good thing when your 3rd string quarterback plays a ton of time in week 1.

Follow along as the season progresses so we can all make fun of how far off I was when this whole thing started.