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Super Bowl 50 odds set; Steelers, Bengals, Ravens, 49ers with equal odds

The Super Bowl 50 odds favor the Seahawks, Patriots and Packers as being in the title hunt in the 2015 NFL season.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals won't win this year's Super Bowl. That much we know for sure. It's hard to see them winning one in future years either until they win a postseason game, but that doesn't mean they don't have decent odds of winning Super Bowl 50 in 2016.

The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook has released their odds for the Super Bowl 50 winner, and the Bengals came in at 25-1 odds. That's the same as their AFC North rivals in Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Those are also the same odds for the 49ers, whose stadium will host the game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.

Between those four teams, you may find the best value bet for next year. All four clubs could have contended for one this year if not for key injuries at pivotal points this season. If they can keep their rosters intact while said injured players get healthy, these four teams could easily be contenders for next year's Lombardi Trophy.

Here are the Super Bowl 50 odds for all 32 NFL teams:

Seahawks: 5-1.

Patriots: 6-1.

Packers: 7-1.

Broncos: 8-1.

Cowboys: 12-1.

Eagles: 16-1.

Colts: 16-1.

Lions: 25-1.

Saints: 25-1.

Rams: 25-1.

49ers: 25-1.

Cardinals: 25-1.

Steelers: 25-1.

Ravens: 25-1.

Bengals: 25-1.

Texans: 30-1.

Chargers: 30-1.

Chiefs: 30-1.

Giants: 30-1.

Panthers: 30-1.

Falcons: 30-1.

Dolphins: 30-1.

Bears: 50-1.

Vikings: 50-1.

Bills: 50-1.

Browns: 50-1.

Washington: 100-1.

Jets: 100-1.

Buccaneers: 200-1.

Titans: 300-1.

Jaguars: 300-1.

Raiders: 300-1.