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Dick LeBeau and Pittsburgh Steelers part ways

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This doesn't mean it's the end for Dick LeBeau and his hall-of-fame career.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

One of the greatest football minds the NFL has ever seen is done with the team he's had his most success with. Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau will not return to Pittsburgh for the 2015 NFL season, LeBeau announced in a statement released Saturday.

After another subpar season for his defense, it's safe to assume the Steelers were ready to move on from LeBeau, who helped lead the franchise to three Super Bowls, two of which they won. Those teams relied heavily on Pittsburgh's rock-solid defense, which every offense had problems game-planning for with LeBeau's fire-blitzing schemes.

Whether you like him or not, LeBeau has earned the respect of anyone who claims to be a football fan.

"I’m resigning this position, not retiring," LeBeau said in an interview with the Daily Citizen. "I had a great run in Pittsburgh. I’m grateful for all the things that have happened to me and thankful for all the support I had in Pittsburgh."

LeBeau, a London, Ohio, native, played college football at Ohio State and was a member of OSU’s 1957 national championship team.

He went on to have a Hall of Fame career as a defensive back with the Detroit Lions from 1959-72. He eventually would join the Cincinnati Bengals’ coaching staff, and was a key member of their two Super Bowl seasons in the 1980s as the team's DC. He was also the head coach of the Bengals from 2000-2002.

LeBeau has been an assistant or head coach in the NFL since 1973.