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Buffalo Bills hire Rex Ryan as head coach

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The Buffalo Bills have hired Rex Ryan as their next head coach, taking Hue Jackson out of the running of any known head coaching vacancies.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Rex Ryan will become the next head coach for the Buffalo Bills, reports ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. Ryan interviewed with Buffalo last Thursday and then again, reportedly, on Saturday. In New York, Ryan had a .479 winning percentage and reached the AFC Championship game twice behind the formula of good defense and a powerful rushing offense. Unfortunately, Ryan hasn't had a winning record since 2010, going 26-38 over his last four seasons with questionable front office decisions.

This also takes Hue Jackson out of any known running for a head coaching position vacancies. Buffalo is the only known organization that has interviewed Jackson for their head coaching position at this stage.

The Fritz Pollard Alliance, an organization that was established to promote minority hiring, included Jackson's name when providing a list of coaching candidates to the NFL. He has the resume: Jackson's offense in Cincinnati finished 15th overall this season, led by a rushing offense that ranked sixth in the NFL. Jackson went 8-8 as the Oakland Raiders head coach in 2011 and since his firing, the Raiders have gone 11-37 with Dennis Allen and Tony Sparano.

"I understand that Hue may have an opportunity to go at least to interview at one spot, and hopefully there’s more opportunity for him too, because I think he’s deserving," said head coach Marvin Lewis on Monday. "Obviously it would be a big loss for us. It is unfortunately that time of year, from my standpoint, where we, cause, what’s the word? Change. That’s not the word I'm looking for, but that’s a more simple word. Hue deserves an opportunity, and hopefully if it’s what he wants, and if it works out, it works out."