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Bears pushing for Gary Kubiak after Ravens knocked out of NFL palyoffs

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Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak is free to interview with whomever he wishes, and the Chicago Bears are interested.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak said he wouldn't interview for head-coaching jobs while his team was still in the playoffs. After holding a pair of two-touchdown leads against the Patriots, it looked as though he wouldn't be interviewing for another week, but Baltimore still ended up losing Saturday to see their season end.

That means Kubiak is now free to interview with whomever he wishes, and the Bears could be the team to beat for him. Per ESPN's Adam Schefter, Chicago is going after Kubiak with Baltimore's season now over. A former backup quarterback of John Elway, Kubiak has NFL experience on the field and the sideline.

Under Kubiak, Baltimore ranked 12th in total offense during the regular season. He is known for his quarterback friendly offensive system, one that turned Matt Schaub into a reliable NFL starter (until the wheels came off in 2013). Kubiak runs a zone blocking scheme that leans heavily on play action passing.

Before spending eight seasons with the Texans as their head coach from 2006-13, Kubiak was the offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos for 11 years (1995-2005), where his offense generated 66,501 yards and 465 touchdowns, the most during that span in the NFL.