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Bengals television ratings with a minor drop

The Cincinnati Bengals routinely dominate the local market but those television ratings have dropped over the last year, and even more since 2011.

Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

The Bengals are still extremely popular in Cincinnati -- they feature the best reality programming in the city. Of all the markets that feature an NFL team, Cincinnati had the 11th-best television rating with a 32.9 share. For 154 straight weeks in which a Bengals game was played, the Bengals have led the ratings in Cincinnati dating back to Dec. 5, 2004 against the Baltimore Ravens. Cincinnati's wild card game against the Indianapolis Colts predictably ruled the local ratings, pulling in a 40.4 share. The highest rating during this streak? The Bengals wildcard game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Jan. 8, 2006 when the game took in a 45.5 rating.

However, according to Sports Business Daily, the Bengals television ratings has been dropping. Compared to '13, the ratings dropped by 1.3 percent. Over the last three years, that average has taken a nearly three percent hit.


In truth, it's not as bad as other teams. Three (New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans) had a ratings drop of 15 percent or more over the last year and four (NY Giants, NY Jets, Oakland Raiders, Titans) took a 20 percent hit over the last three years.