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Ravens' Torrey Smith and Justin Forsett set hit NFL free agency

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Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens saw their season end this past week at the hands of the Patriots. Thought Baltimore held a 14-point lead in the second half, they were unable to hold on as they saw their season end in the divisional round. While it was a tough loss to stomach, it provided a reminder that this team is very close to being a championship contender again.

Though this team is two years removed from its Super Bowl win, many key players who helped win that title are still there, but some are set to become free agents, including Torrey Smith. After catching 49 balls for 767 yards and a career-high 11 touchdowns this year, it's hard to tell what Smith be worth on the open market.

Will opposing teams be willing to pay him like a quality No. 1 receiver, or will he get paid like a solid No. 2?

whatever happens, Smith wants to be back in Baltimore next season.

"It's more like home now," Smith said Sunday, via The Baltimore Sun. "It's kind of tough to leave home at times. I genuinely love the people here, from the owner to everyone who makes this building go. I really love being here.

"If I had my way, obviously, I'd like to get something done beforehand so I can stay here. But I understand it's a business and nothing is guaranteed. Just let everything play out."

Of all the free agents Baltimore has, Smith and running back Justin Forsett are the ones they can't afford to lose. Forsett finished fifth in rushing yards with 1,266 yards, but he signed a mere one-year contract this past offseason.

Prior to that, Forsett was a career backup. Like Smith, it's hard to anticipate what he'll get on the open market, and he's ready for a long-term commitment from a team.

"These guys are familiar with me, and they gave me my first real shot, but there's also a business side of it where unfortunately I've been in the friend zone for most of my career," said Forsett, via The Baltimore Sun. "Hopefully, we can get into a deeper commitment down the road and get some stability."