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POLL: Packers vs. Seahawks and Patriots vs. Colts; Who goes to Super Bowl?

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Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Conference Championship week is here, and by the end of Sunday, we'll know who is going to the Super Bowl 49 in Arizona. We could see the first repeat champion in a decade if the Seattle Seahawks advance this weekend.

However, the Green Bay Packers also have many of the same guys who helped them win Super Bowl 45. If anyone can derail Seattle's back-to-back bid, it might be Aaron Rodgers and the high-flying Pack.

In the other matchup, no one is surprised to see the top-seeded New England Patriots back in the AFC Championship. However, no one saw the Indianapolis Colts making it this far, but when you have a signal-caller like Andrew Luck, it really isn't a surprise.

So, who do you have making it to the Super Bowl? An offensive-heavy Packers vs. Patriots matchup? A defensive struggle between the Seahawks and Colts? A showdown between arguably the two best quarterbacks in Andrew Luck vs. Aaron Rodgers?