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Ravens eying Kyle Shanahan after Browns let him go

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After the Browns let Kyle Shanahan go, another AFC North team could be ready to hire him.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Shanahan has been regarded as a rising star in the NFL for several years now, and now the Baltimore Ravens could be hiring him. After the Cleveland Browns parted with Shahan this offseason, Baltimore could tab Shanahan as a replacement for Gary Kubiak.

Per the Baltimore Sun, Shanahan made a positive impression during his interview last year with Ravens head coach John Harbaugh. Shanahan was also reportedly recommended to Baltimore by at least three NFL coaches, including one current NFL head coach.

The job eventually was given to Kubiak, who may become the next head coach of the Denver Broncos. This isn't the only job that Shanahan has been in the running for. According to NBC4 in Washington, Shanahan turned down an offer to interview for the vacant offensive coordinator job in San Francisco.

Though many will point out how Shanahan's offenses eventually floundered in both Washington and Cleveland, both Brian Hoyer and Robert Griffin III had their best NFL stretches under Shanahan, and the 2012 Redskins won the NFC East thanks to Shanahan's offense that saw RG3 win NFL rookie of the Year.

In the end, it looks like Baltimore could be the favorite to land Shanahan, if Kubiak leaves, and he may already have his sights set on the Ravens.