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Cincinnati Bengals and Vance Joseph waiting on the Denver Broncos

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The Cincinnati Bengals won't lose a coordinator this year but they could lose one of their position coaches. Vance Joseph is a heavy candidate as Denver's next Defensive Coordinator if Gary Kubiak becomes the Broncos head coach.

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals are patiently waiting for the coaching carousel to play out in Denver, which may have resolution by Tuesday.

Defensive backs coach Vance Joseph interviewed for the head coaching vacancy in Denver on Friday, less than a week after the team "mutually" parted with head coach John Fox -- who himself has found a new job in Chicago... with a pay increase. Joseph has been joined by Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase as unlikely candidates for the job. We say unlikely because as long as Gary Kubiak, who interviews with the team on Sunday, is in consideration, it's his job to lose.

"Consideration." LOL.

With Kubiak and Elway, the team's president, chilling out this Sunday to watch football together, it's hard to explore a scenario in which Kubiak doesn't leave Baltimore for his second head coaching gig. Writes the Denver Post:

John Elway and Gary Kubiak plan on hanging out in the Denver-area and watching some football.

Whether they fit in their scheduled head coaching interview before, after or between plays of the NFC and AFC championship games probably doesn't matter.

Elway, the Broncos' general manager, seemingly had his heart set on hiring Kubiak, the Baltimore Ravens' offensive coordinator, early in the process.

According to Adam Schefter with ESPN, Kubiak will accept the head coaching job if he's offered the position. "However, no announcement of any deal is expected until Tuesday, after today's conference championship games and after Monday's Martin Luther King holiday," writes Schefter. "But all signs now point to Kubiak being named Broncos head coach Tuesday."

The next step for Kubiak is filling out his coaching staff, which could include Joseph as the Broncos next defensive coordinator.

There's two connections here.

1) Joseph spent three seasons as Kubiak's defensive backs coach during his final three years in Houston, so there's familiarity. However, Cincinnati has to release Joseph from his contract first... which itself isn't a foregone conclusion. The Bengals denied Philadelphia permission to hire former defensive backs coach Kevin Coyle in 2011 before allowing him to leave for Miami in 2012.

2) Joseph also has deep connections with Colorado, having played quarterback and running back at the University of Colorado ('90-'94) before joining Gary Barnett's staff as a graduate assistant in '99.