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Introducing Jeremy Hill's new puppy

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Jeremy Hill took to Instagram to announce his new puppy, Kobe "#TooTurnt" Hill. He's a 7-week-old German Rottweiler.

A new off-season trend in Cincinnati appears to be hanging out with puppies. Jeremy Hill is the latest Bengal to take on the task of raising a puppy, as he buffs us his tough-guy act with the help of his new German Rottweiler Kobe "#TooTurnt" Hill. Is this taking his #StayTurnt hashtag too far?

Kobe #TooTurnt Hill German Rottweiler 11 | 29 | 14

A photo posted by Jeremy Hill (@jeremyhill) on

Hill joins Geno Atkins in the world of new dog owners. Atkins posted this picture yesterday hanging out with his YorkiePoo Winnie. Hopefully Winnie's soft (and sleepy) side doesn't rub off on her dad.

Me and Bae chillin on the sofa #WinniePoo #Bestbud #SleepyHead lol @ktmerr

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