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Broncos hiring Ravens' Gary Kubiak to replace John Fox

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Just one week after saying he would remain with the Baltimore Ravens for the 2015 NFL season, Gary Kubiak is joining the Denver Broncos.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos have found their next head coach, and it's Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak, according to the Denver Post's Mike Klis.

Just one week after saying he would remain in Baltimore for the 2015 season, Kubiak is taking the job he never thought would come open this offseason. He made those remarks prior to the Broncos losing the Divisional round of the playoffs and prior to their parting with John Fox, likely due to lack of postseason success.

In four seasons, Fox led the Broncos to a 46-18 record in the regular season, but a 3-4 record in the playoffs following a 78-74 record in nine years with Carolina. He led both franchises to one Super Bowl. Kubiak is 61-64 as a head coach with a 2-2 postseason record, but he did so in Houston for a franchise that had never tasted the postseason, nor had any kind of sustained success.