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Le'Veon Bell ruled out for Steelers vs. Ravens

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Le'Veon Bell led the AFC with 1,361 rushing yards this season, but the Steelers won't have him against the Ravens.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers will face the Baltimore Ravens without the services of arguably the best running back in the NFL.

The Steelers won 11 games and the AFC North on the strength of their offense, which is loaded enough to carry Pittsburgh on a Super Bowl run. However, they'll be without star running back Le'Veon Bell this week, and potentially the rest of the playoffs. The team ruled him out Friday after missing three consecutive days of practice.

Bell injured his knee during the Steelers' Week 17 win over the Bengals, and the team ruled him out for Saturday's wild-card matchup with Baltimore.

Bell led the AFC with 1,361 rushing yards this season, and he accounted for 165 all-purpose yards combined in Pittsburgh's two games against the Ravens.

It looks like he'll miss this week, though, Bell said this, via ESPN:

My leg feels great. It feels good to be able to move around and not think about it much. I don't want to play fearing my knee getting hurt. It's not an injury like an MCL where you go out there and play and it gets worse.

That doctors have told me that's not what it is, that it's not something that can get worse if [I] do play, so that's a good thing to hear. If I feel ready, I'm definitely going to try to get on the field and play.

Make no mistake about it: Bell is a game-changer, and him not playing this week could be what ultimately decides who wins this matchup.