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Marvin Lewis compares Vance Joseph's situation to his own

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Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis compared Vance Joseph's situation to his own when Pittsburgh denied Tampa Bay an opportunity to interview Lewis in 1996.

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Cincinnati Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis is in Mobile, Alabama scouting players at the 2015 senior bowl. For nearly 40 minutes on Wednesday, Lewis sat with Cincinnati Enquirer beat writer Paul Dehner Jr. and writer Geoff Hobson, talking about an array of topics.

Among them was Bengals defensive backs coach Vance Joseph, who was a leading candidate for the Denver Broncos defensive coordinator position. The Bengals told Denver no, forcing Joseph to remain under contract in Cincinnati for another season.

While Lewis said it was the owner's call, he can offer a recommendation, but reminds that this happens a lot... even to him.

Lewis said that he was denied an interview with Tony Dungy and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their open defensive coordinator position in '96 by Pittsburgh when he was a linebackers coach for the Steelers.

"I just said, ‘Why?’" Lewis said via, recalling his conversation in 1996. "He said we want you to stay here with us. I said I don’t have a contract. He said, ‘Well, you are going to have a contract as soon as we get back from the Super Bowl.’ It worked out where Tony hired a different coach anyway. I don’t know if it would have worked out but Tony ended up getting Monte Kiffin who he didn't think he could get."

Per Dehner, Joseph didn't comment on the situation but Lewis offered some insight.

"Coach is a professional about it," Lewis said via the Cincinnati Enquirer. "This is not the first time it's happened and you try to explain that to people. It's happened. I've been through it. A lot of guys have been through it. It doesn't make anyone feel any way emotionally one way or another."