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Bengals Bites (1/22) - Pro-Bowl rosters set

The Pro-Bowl draft is over. Deflategate still rages on. Tom Brady is catching some of the blame. Our very own Cody Tewmey becomes part of a Grantland story.

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In a surprise to no one, Marvin Lewis announces there is not a QB competition in Cincinnati. Andy Dalton is the guy.

Marvin Lewis opens up on Dalton, FA, coaches
Marvin Lewis won't put on a quote show for reporters at weekly press conferences or make headlines with controversial one-liners after games. Don't look for him to divulge much about the inner workings of his team or the Bengals franchise during seasons blanketed by secrecy and competitive paranoia.

Cincinnati Bengals coach stops quarterback watch -
Marvin Lewis doesn't have "time to waste time with another quarterback" in Cincinnati. Lewis gave an exclusive interview with and the Cincinnati Enquirer, Wednesday during a practice for the Reeses Senior Bowl, backing quarterback Andy Dalton.

The Steelers owner Art Rooney was asked many questions about the season. Including cutting Blount and deflategate.

On aging vets, cutting Blount, replay
On changing the procedure for how footballs to be used in games are tested and monitored: "The one thing I would say is this rule where we use two different sets of balls is relatively new, and frankly I’m not sure why we came to this conclusion. I assume this will be something that the Competition Committee looks at. But as far as I’m concerned, I think we all ought to use the same balls and not have each side have their own footballs available to them. That’s just my view of it, but it seems to be simpler to just have one set of balls, which was the case for many years where the officials brought the balls out and everybody used the same balls. It seems like that would be an easy answer to this."

The Browns are not used to keeping coaches for more than a year at a time.

Mike Pettine on new Cleveland Browns OC John DeFilippo: 'He's the total package' |
Browns coach Mike Pettine, whose last offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan quit with two years left on his contract, stressed that he hired former Raiders quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo to run his offense in large part because of the quality person he is.

The Ravens add the Canadian Football Wizard (and former Bears coach) Marc Trestman to improve the offense

Marc Trestman insists he'll build on Ravens' success, not rebuild offense - AFC North Blog - ESPN
The first impression of new Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Marc Trestman is he's open-minded and extremely flexible in his philosophies. Trestman wants to stick with the same basic terminology the Ravens used last season because it's easier for one person to adjust. He'll defer to coach John Harbaugh on whether he will call plays on the sideline or in the coaches' box. And he'll base how much shotgun alignments they'll use on the strengths of Joe Flacco.

The Steelers may say goodbye to Hair Man himself. Even if he wants to come back.

Pittsburgh Steelers won't commit to bringing Troy Polamalu back next season - ESPN
Pittsburgh Steelers president Art Rooney II did not commit to bringing back strong safety Troy Polamalu in 2015 even if the eight-time Pro Bowler wants to return.

And.... Deflategate is still dominating the media. There are under inflated footballs in my garage right now that I consulted for an opinion on this story.

John Madden: Blame Tom Brady for deflated footballs | ProFootballTalk
The week began with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady laughing off the suggestion that the team had deflated footballs used on Sunday against the Colts.  When Brady, who said in 2011 that he likes deflated footballs, meets with the media on Friday, he probably won't be doing much laughing.

Patriots will pay for Deflategate, one way or another - Sports - The Boston Globe
The Patriots’ run to the Super Bowl has turned into an episode of "Law & Order." And three days into Deflategate, it is becoming increasingly clear that the "law" was broken. Now the tricky part: Figuring out the appropriate punishment.

Richard Sherman says Tom Brady isn’t who he seems to be | ProFootballTalk
Wednesday was a rough day for a certain Thomas F. Brady.  He found a new nemesis in Hall of Fame coach John Madden, who made a simple yet compelling case for Brady to be the prime suspect in #DeflateGate. Brady also heard from an old enemy.

Our very own Cody Tewmey became part of the story in a Grantland article

The Beginner’s Guide to DEFLATEGATE "
Last night we found out this wasn’t just one or two balls the Patriots had possibly tampered with. According to Chris Mortensen, "11 of the New England Patriots’ 12 game balls were inflated significantly below the NFL’s requirements."

The Pro-Bowl rosters are set, if you care about these kinds of things

2015 Pro Bowl Draft Day 1: The selections -
The second annual NFL Pro Bowl Draft will take place on Wednesday, Jan. 21 live from Arizona on NFL Network. Verizon users with a Premium subscription or MORE Everything plan will have the ability to watch the Pro Bowl Draft live in NFL Mobile. The first day of the NFL Pro Bowl draft is now complete! Tuesday's draft focused on defensive tackles, guards, centers, fullbacks and special teams. Take a look at whom Cris Carter and Michael Irvin selected for their Pro Bowl teams:

2015 Pro Bowl Draft Day 2: The selections -
The second day of the NFL Pro Bowl draft is now complete! Wednesday's draft focused on the skill position players and many more. Take a look at whom Cris Carter and Michael Irvin selected for their Pro Bowl teams: