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Ravens helped Colts and NFL catch Patriots in Deflategate

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens are trying to act like they have a dog in the fight with New England amid their Deflategate scandal.

FOX Sports' Jay Glazer reports Baltimore coaches alerted the Colts about the Patriots' alleged practice of deflating footballs prior to the AFC Championship. Glazer also reported that Baltimore's tip alerted the NFL, who planned to inspect the balls at halftime for any abnormalities.

It was originally believed that Colts linebacker D'Qwell Jackson reported the deflated balls to Colts coaches after his second-quarter interception. Either way, Baltimore appears to have helped the NFL catch the Patriots in the act of cheating.

That's not all though. The Ravens also believe the kicking balls used in their Divisional round loss to the Patriots weren't properly inflated, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports. The Ravens reportedly were not getting normal depth and distance on kicks and punts and believed it was due to deflated balls.

On Thursday, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick promised his team will cooperate with the NFL in their investigation of Deflategate, according to New England Sports Network.

"We'll cooperate fully with whatever the league wants us to - whatever questions they ask us, whatever they want us to do."

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk also reported the Patriots officially have been informed of the NFL's investigation, and it will be "thorough and transparent." Tom Brady has already weighed in on the allegations, calling them "ridiculous" during a Monday radio show.

Expect to hear this issue resolved before Super Bowl Media Day on the Tuesday before Super Bowl 49 kicks off.