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Mel Kiper Jr regrades 2014 NFL draft

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ESPN draft expert/analyst/figurehead Mel Kiper Jr. regraded the 2014 NFL draft and lowered Cincinnati's grade from a B to a B-. To me, that's fair. You?

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Admit it... you love the re-grading pieces from various NFL drafts. It incorporates what we now know with what everyone thought they knew when that draft was taking place. ESPN draft analyst/expert/showman Mel Kiper Jr. regraded the 2014 NFL draft for all 32 teams.

He had originally gave the Bengals a solid "B". Now he's lowered that to a "B-".

Summary: I can hear Bengals fans up in arms about dropping the grade a little after Jeremy Hill was everything you could hope for as a second-round pick, but it's hard to move it up when (A) that's really not a shocking return out of a second-round back if he gets the carries (222) in an age when the second round is a really good slot for that position, and (B) the first-round pick is still an incomplete. Darqueze Dennard played only 61 snaps all season at cornerback. I'm a fan of his talent, and while he may have simply run into a ceiling of more veteran players not getting hurt, he's still in the "we'll see" camp.

The Bengals also were able to plug in Russell Bodine at center; he'll just need to find consistency after a really up-and-down year. They didn't have major needs, and they had some veteran players hold up reasonably well in the secondary, where I expected Dennard to be an early-impact guy. More impact in Year 2 won't surprise.

I think it's fair.

Depth, injury, performance, whatever... we didn't see much out of cornerback Darqueze Dennard (first round) or defensive end Will Clarke (third round). And despite being drafted in rounds that usually don't feature starters or significant contributors during their rookie season, we saw very little (or nothing) out of quarterback AJ McCarron (fifth round), linebacker Marquis Flowers, wide receiver James Wright and, cornerback Lavelle Westbrooks isn't currently with a team. Though anything after the fourth round tends to be a wash.