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Deflategate is hilarious, ridiculous and tragic

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The Super Bowl is just over a week away, yet the big story of the NFL concerns the legal amount of air pressure in footballs.

Yes, the New England Patriots and Deflategate have dominated the headlines like no one could have imagined. While the NFL loves to have everyone talking about them, this isn't the kind of attention they want before their championship game, which is also annually the biggest game in all of sports.

The reactions Deflategate has generated are both tragic, ridiculous and flat-out hilarious. Perhaps no single thing symbolizes that more than Mark Brunell's reaction on NFL Live when asked what he thought of Tom Brady's denial of Deflategate involvement.

Unless Brunell's puppy just died (which would be tragic and I would cry too), the thought of a grown man nearly coming to tears while talking about another man deflating footballs is beyond hysterical.

The internet agreed.

Oh, but Brady himself wasn't going to let Brunell steal the spotlight for long with his ISIS comments:

Sadly, Brady's point summed up how silly Deflategate is. The fact that CNN, FOX News and other national outlets were live streaming Brady's press conference like it was an world-shattering event was beyond ridiculous.

Making matters worse is that, unless the NFL issues some kind of final ruling on their investigation soon, Deflategate will continue to dominate the headlines for the next week leading up to the Super Bowl.

After all, we should be talking about the Seattle Seahawks getting ready to face New England and potentially winning their second straight Super Bowl, making them the first repeat champions since the 2003-04 Patriots.

Instead, we're hearing about ball pressure, PSI, cheating, and everything else Deflategate has brought with it.