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NFL Pro Bowl to feature new replay system that could become permanent

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The 2015 Pro Bowl will feature a pair of new additions that could find their way onto NFL sidelines soon enough.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL will test a new replay system at this year's Pro Bowl that could eventually find it's way on the sidelines of every stadium for the regular and postseason.

The league will be testing a new instant replay system at the 2015 Pro Bowl that takes away the monitor placed under a hood referee stick their heads into when viewing replays.

Instead, plays needing reviewed will be done with Bose headphones and a Microsoft Surface tablet officials with the video being streamed wirelessly to the tablet. From there, officials reviewing a play will do so on said tablet in hopes of getting a more clear and accurate shot of the play in question.

In addition to this, the league will also offer video replays to players and coaches on the sideline using the Surface tablets during the Pro Bowl. Tablets will be used to record the video, which will then be cut and catalogued for use.

Both additions are still in the testing stage, but the league is expected to integrate both into all NFL games eventually.

The Pro Bowl will air Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN. Though it's not one of the more attractive NFL games you'll watch, this new addition makes watching the game more beneficial if you want to get a peak into the future of the NFL replay system.