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Stop with the Ndamukong Suh talk

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The Cincinnati Bengals are charging ahead for "change". Who knows exactly what that means or how it will play out, but it probably doesn't include Ndamukong Suh.

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Normally I avoid comments like this (because it would imply insufferable arrogance)...

...But use your brain for a second. Apply the logic region embedded in your frontal lobe and boast at the potential of clear-thinking that you'd unleash.

Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh is not coming to the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Cincinnati Bengals have always been known as frugal, despite the amount of money they have against the cap. Those definitions have slowly slipped away from the team's internal free agents but obviously remains for new players looking to sign with new teams. Even if they fail to properly help a team based on their soon-to-be exorbitant costs, free agents energize fans. And let's face the facts, we're talking about a team that's grown stale with first-round exits.

Frugality isn't necessarily the issue either... it's the value of the player compared to cost. It's why we've always waited days, if not a week, for Cincinnati to sign someone in free agency -- they are waiting for the dramatic demand to lower into manageable investments. Players who sign big-time contracts on the first day of free agency are never worth their cost. We're not talking about the offensive tackle exodus of 2014 when Branden Albert, Rodger Saffold, Jared Veldheer and Eugene Monroe signed lucrative deals.

Free agency has traditionally been a model for desperate teams who are managing losing records without the necessary draft picks to truly address depreciation at multiple positions. Even the Denver Broncos are viewed as desperate because 1) Peyton Manning's career is coming to an end and 2) John Elway wants to give owner Pat Bowlen one more Lombardi Trophy. It's why they fired John Fox and allowed most of his staff to find opportunities elsewhere.

Free agency appeals to teams feeling that dreadful sense of desperation -- the Bengals have none of that. On the other hand, Cincinnati needs something new to jump start this four-year run... Something to give it another boost.

According to most reports, it's believed that Suh will top J.J. Watt's six-year contract, which is worth $100 million. In five seasons since being drafted by the Detroit Lions, Suh has generated 36 sacks, forced two fumbles and generated 238 tackles.

Including the long-term deals that Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap signed, the Bengals' defensive line accounted for 21.62 percent of the team's overall salary cap in 2014, tops on the team. That number lessens to 18.15 percent in 2015 -- still the most spent on any unit. Breaking it down even further, the Bengals defensive tackle position (with four players) will consume 9.74 percent of the team's salary cap in 2015 -- cornerback is the only position that's higher (11.62 percent) but that's double the amount of players.

1) Is Mike Brown going to spend heavily on a first-day free agent, including the most talented available? 
2) Is the team willing to continue to disproportionately spend on the defensive line?
3) Are the Bengals desperate enough to make this move?

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis spoke on Tuesday from Mobile, Alabama. His conversion with the Cincinnati Enquirer and led to generic prospects of upcoming change, led by the owner Mike Brown.

"Oh yeah, (Mike Brown) is the one leading the charge," Lewis said via the Cincinnati Enquirer. "He doesn't want to hear, 'We will be better when we get these guys back.' No, we need to get better. He knows we need to get better. He's pushing people to identify players that will make us a better football team in free agency."


"It's a different feel than where we have been," Lewis said. "It's not a status quo. There has not been a status quo conversation or 'Oh, we'll be OK, we'll just get these guys back.' No, no, no, that's bull. We got to be better."

Season ticket sales hurting, Marvin? OK, that was the generically-pessimistic and programmed response that's associated with being an older fan who survived the 90s -- it happens, so what? Lewis' declaration wasn't a blank check for the Bengals to become potential partners for every player entering free agency this March. Cincinnati may sign a few players who will compete as starters, as opposed to last year when their activity on free agency mirrored the morning after a drinking binge. A cat simply doesn't change his stripes overnight. Yes -- while the talk was encouraging for change, there has to be a "believe it when we see it" attitude.

And this one, suggesting that the Bengals sign Suh, is one that we HAVE to see to believe.