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Denver Broncos still pursuing Bengals DB coach Vance Joseph

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The Cincinnati Bengals have already blocked the Broncos from hiring Vance Joseph once. According to one ESPN report, the Broncos continue to pursue Joseph, convinced that the Bengals will let him go if they can find a replacement.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals could be willing to allow defensive backs coach Vance Joseph leave for the Denver Broncos, if they're comfortable with finding his replacement. That's according to a report filed by ESPN's Denver Broncos beat writer Jeff Legworld. Per the report, the Denver Broncos are continuing to press Cincinnati to release Joseph from his contract, so that they can name him as their next defensive coordinator.

However, the Broncos have continued their efforts with the Bengals to hire Joseph in recent days, and now there is a feeling within the Broncos’ front office that if the Bengals believe they can find a replacement on their defensive staff for Joseph, they would be more inclined to let Joseph take the promotion with the Broncos.

The report also cites former New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell as a possibility to replace Joseph on Marvin Lewis' coaching staff, which appears to be generic speculation because of his experience and name recognition, not for any rumored link that's been previously reported.

Denver has been trying to wrestle Joseph away from Cincinnati since Gary Kubiak was named as the Broncos head coach. Joseph served under Kubiak for three years in Houston before his staff was dispersed following the 2013 season. Cincinnati signed Joseph as the team's co-secondary coach, teaming up with Mark Carrier in 2014.

Reports surfaced during the senior bowl practices that Cincinnati was keeping Joseph in 2014 and another report claimed that Cincinnati also blocked the San Francisco 49ers from pursuing Joseph.

1) Are the Broncos struggling to find anyone else? 
2) Shouldn't the consistent pursuit of Joseph harden Cincinnati's resolve to keep him? 
3) Why would Cincinnati release this year's coaching prodigy out of sheer generosity?