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Bengals social media roundup: Pro Bowl edition

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The players representing the Bengals in the Pro Bowl took to social media during the week leading up to the game to show their pride in representing Team Carter and Team Irvin. Here, we offer a collection of photos and posts featuring your Cincinnati Bengals.

Andy Dalton, A.J. Green, Geno Atkins and Kevin Huber represented the Bengals at the Pro Bowl this week. While the players bonded, drank strawberry margaritas and spent some time relaxing, they shared an insider view with their social media followers. Don't worry, there was some football played, too.


A photo posted by @genosacks on

Geno Atkins was a late addition to the Pro Bowl roster, but he didn't even have to wait until the Pro Bowl draft to find out which team he would represent. Team Irvin selected Atkins during the pre-selection draft, during which Kevin Huber was also added to the Team Irvin roster.

The Pro Bowl is influencing Huber in an unusual way. The punter is taking after Pat McAfee by drinking strawberry margaritas. Apparently, McAfee thinks he's "the best Strawberry Marg drinker out here though."

I guess it's cool if that's what you want to be known for...

Jason Kelce also got in on the strawberry margarita action, honoring McAfee as well.

Player party with my lover. @hubes10

A photo posted by Mindi Naticchioni (@mindiln) on

Huber and his girlfriend also attended the player party, where it appears Huber stuck to a bit of a more manly drink... Beer.


A photo posted by A.J. Green (@ajgreen_18) on

A.J. Green and his fiance were there, too. Green was selected third in the Pro Bowl draft by Team Carter.

NFLPA Fashion Show Brunch with my luv @siggib

A photo posted by Miranda Brooke (@mirandabrooke_) on

Green's fiance, Miranda, also hung out with Martellus Bennett's wife during Pro Bowl week.

Then we decided to be twins and buy matching sneakers. @siggib

A photo posted by Miranda Brooke (@mirandabrooke_) on

They even bonded over matching designer sneakers.

Snake charmer #anaconda #Probowl

A photo posted by @genosacks on

While many players made new friends this weekend, Atkins met a new friend of a different species, a snake.

Huber, Jon Dorenbos and Adam Vinatieri gather for a photo after a Team Irvin practice.

Pro Bowl practice! @hubes10

A photo posted by Mindi Naticchioni (@mindiln) on

The Pro Bowl floppy hats were very popular among the players in Arizona this week. (Notice the photo bomb?)

The Squad #Probowl #TeamIrvin #DLine

A photo posted by @genosacks on

Atkins poses with the Team Irvin D-Line.

Andy Dalton, Andrew Luck, Greg Olsen, Joe Staley and Jason Kelce on the Team Carter bus.

Selfie with @ktmerr

A photo posted by @genosacks on

Atkins and his girlfriend pose for some Pro Bowl weekend selfies.

Family Time at the #Probowl practice

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Atkins' family also came out to Arizona to show their support.

Dalton found something he's better at than Luck. The two took some time out during practice to have a drop kick contest. +1 Dalton.

I Don't Golf But That Swing Tho #215yards #AllPower #PGATOUR

A video posted by @genosacks on

Atkins hit some balls at the driving range on Saturday night in Arizona. What do you think of his shot?

Jeremy Hill attended the Pro Bowl, too. But not as a player; he was there as a fan (and not even a Bengals fan). Hill attended the game with Jarvis Landry, to support their fellow LSU alum, Odell Beckham Jr.

Huber hit the field before game time... And noticed things have changed.

A photo posted by A.J. Green (@ajgreen_18) on

Green's Pro Bowl locker.

Almost Game Time #Probowl

A photo posted by @genosacks on

And Atkins'...

Great weekend with our families supporting @andydalton14 #probowl #noahsbreakingcurfew

A photo posted by JJ Dalton (@jjdalton5) on

The Dalton family (including baby Noah) after the Pro Bowl.