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Pro Bowl 2015: Team Irvin Beats Team Carter 32-28

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The 2015 Pro Bowl is in the books and Team Irvin cruised over Team Carter to claim the win. The Bengals really didn't do much of anything.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For three hours on Sunday, the antagonistic viewpoint of the NFL's all-star game took a break while players celebrated the best of the best... well, best of the alternate best -- amiright? Despite the "fan vote", this wasn't about us. This isn't about #deflategate, the curious case of Marshawn Lynch on media day, domestic violence or year-long suspensions for another failed test. These weren't any of the stories and tag lines that ruled the NFL with a violent black eye. This isn't about the pomp of rich and elitism of the Super Bowl, or the hangover effect for the remaining 30 teams that are watching the final game of the 2014 season at home. It's just a quiet night of football on Sunday night.

Bright colors introduced both teams. Team Irvin featured fluorescent orange and a deep gray. Team Carter flaunted neon brightness against a dull gray. Andy Dalton, sandwiched between Andrew Luck and Drew Brees underneath a neon canopy. Team Carter, built to to pass, introduced receivers Antonio Brown, A.J. Green, T.Y. Hilton and Jordy Nelson.

The first Bengals player:

In fact... this was effectively the highlight for the Bengals on Sunday.

Team Irvin took a 3-0 lead on an Adam Vinatieri 32-yard field goal, slipping the football through adjusted uprights that shaved four feet from the standard measurement of 18 feet across. He would miss the extra point, moved from the two-yard line to the 15, after Matthew Stafford's 10-yard touchdown to Emmanuel Sanders, taking a 9-7 lead over Team Carter, who concluded a seven play-drive with an Andrew Luck 17-yard touchdown pass to tight end Greg Olsen.

(Josh fell asleep until roughly early in the third quarter)

Quarterback Andy Dalton entered the game with 1:52 remaining in the third quarter and engineered a five-play drive for 10 yards, capped by a quarterback sack by Elvis Dumervil on third down. Regardless, Team Carter effectively shut down offensively.

Dalton's offense maintained a three-point led until the 3:10 mark in the fourth quarter when Jimmy Graham recorded his second touchdown reception of the game, giving Team Irvin a 32-28 lead.

Using a series of dink-and-dunk passes, screens and any play in the books that doesn't force Dalton to throw it beyond five yards, Team Carter reached the 19-yard line with 53 seconds remaining. It was fourth and 10...

OK, then.

Dalton finished nine of 20 for 69 yards. He and Tony Romo were the only quarterbacks that didn't score a touchdown.

As for other Bengals players, punter Kevin Huber crushed a 56-yarder, A.J. Green didn't post a reception and Geno Atkins had a couple of good pressures. Yawn.

At least... as Bengals fans, we got these: