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Ickey Woods in new Geico commercial

Get some cold cuts!

He's baaaaack.

Ickey Woods was a star with the Bengals during their glory days, which culminated with an appearance in the Super Bowl. Woods rushed for 1,066 yards and 15 touchdowns during that rookie season in ’88, but everyone remembers him for the famous 'Ickey Shuffle', which is seen on various Bengals and NFL highlight reels.

This past year, Woods did a commercial with Geico that brought the Shuffle back into the spotlight, though this time it was as Woods scored some cold cuts at the deli.

Now, Woods is at it again with Geico:

And if you want more... Woods even did a third commercial with the car insurance company.

It's nice to see a Bengals favorite back in the spotlight. Even Bengals running back Jeremy Hill did the Ickey Shuffle after scoring a touchdown earlier this past season.

Speaking on his success with the commercial, Woods told ABC 30, "Never thought in my wildest dreams that 25 years later the Ickey Shuffle would be back on the scene."