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Compelling story on former Bengals DE Jevon Langford

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Langford, a former Bengals fourth-round pick from the 1996 NFL draft, has struggled most of his life until he found his awakening and inner-peace.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Meet Jevon Langford.

Cincinnati drafted the Oklahoma State University defensive end in the fourth round of the 1996 NFL draft. He played all six seasons and 66 games with the Cincinnati Bengals, generating 3.5 quarterback sacks and an interception against the Atlanta Falcons.

Years later, Langford, now 41 years old, runs a gym in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Cody Stavenhagen with wrote a compelling story on Langford, his life-long struggles, his bout with depression, his reawakening after popping ecstasy pills and the quest for inner-peace.

He had just gotten a sack and an interception against the Atlanta Falcons. He was set to marry the woman of his dreams, Pamela Lindley. He was making more money than he had imagined. Yet he sat at the bar, shaking, feeling claustrophobic, gritting his teeth, ripping at his leather jacket.

As part of the NFL lifestyle, Langford had started partying regularly. Drinking. Sleeping around. Not coming home.

Now he was on ecstasy. He had been high all day, then popped two more pills before going out.

Give it a view.